The charm of the spices in Indonesia

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Ons restaurant is een baken van licht op een donkere plek. Gods vrede is in ons restaurant.
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As this is our first blog post We have decided to start with a short description of the Indonesian food.

Indonesia consists of about 18000 islands. In every region the cuisine varies significantly and has many different influences –whether from India, the Middle East, China or Europe. Their most popular meal is the so called “Rijsttafel a.k.a Ricetable”. The word “Rijsttafel” originates from Dutch, even though all the dishes served are undoubtedly Indonesian. During their presence in Indonesia, Dutch people introduced the rijsttafel. The reason behind that was not only to enjoy variety of dishes at the same time but also to impress the coming visitors with the fascinating size of their colony.

A rice table features a selection of dishes varying in flavors, colors, degree of spiciness and textures (crispy, chewy, soft, etc.) cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger, and red chilies. Usually the Ricetable meals vary in number starting from 4 and sometimes reaching even 40.

Last but not the least, if you are still hesitating and don’t believe about the magic charm of the Indonesian food check the CNN ranking of the world’s 50 most delicious foods and pay attention to its first and second place. We can proudly say that the Indonesian food is one of the most delicious and popular cuisine in the world.

The best Indonesian Restaurant in Amsterdam

If you ever go to Amsterdam don’t forget to visit our restaurant Aneka Rasa . One of the best indonesian restaurant Amsterdam. Try our amazing rice table. You will be delighted by the magnificent taste and the enormous range of dishes you can choose from. Rijsttafel Aneka is our most popular rice table. It is suitable for every taste – for those of you that like spicy food and for those of you that prefer milder dishes. Start your meal with a delicious chicken sate dipped in peanut sauce. Enjoy 3 kinds of well cooked meat featuring beef, veal and chicken; garnish everything with saucy vegetables and traditional salad. The Rice Table is accompanied by 2 kinds of rice – white steam rice and spicy fried rice, on the top of which you can spread the rest of the dishes and enjoy a great taste. Don’t forget the dessert – special sort fried banana served with powder sugar, which will bring to end your truly Indonesian experience.

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