Ons restaurant is een baken van licht op een donkere plek. Gods vrede is in ons restaurant.

Al 28 jaar staat in het centrum van Amsterdam, grenzend aan de Rosse buurt, het Indonesische restaurant Aneka Rasa. Eigenaren Jerry en Christy hebben het van Jerry’s […]

The charm of the spices in Indonesia

As this is our first blog post We have decided to start with a short description of the Indonesian food. Indonesia consists of about 18000 islands. […]

Four days in Amsterdam

Undoubtedly, one of the culinary highlights of Amsterdam is experiencing the Indonesian Rijsttafel or “rice table.” An Indonesian rice table feast consists of an array of […]

25 Things To Do in Amsterdam

Eat Indonesian food! It may sound like an odd thing to do in Holland, but the food from Indonesia (a former Dutch colony) has been adopted […]